Finding you the best candidates for your organization

Finding you the best candidates for your organization

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Focused on high-level, executive roles for your business.

Whether you’re searching for a Professional Engineer, Operations Manager, or Executive, our experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist can find you the perfect candidate.

“I had the pleasure of working with Donna Bethel, a Talent Acquisition Specialist, and I am delighted to share my experience. Donna’s professionalism and her commitment to positive communication truly stood out throughout our interaction.Donna’s dedication to her role is exceptional. She exhibited a deep understanding of the recruitment process and consistently demonstrated her expertise. Her guidance and support were instrumental in making my job application process smooth and efficient.What truly sets Donna apart is her exceptional communication skills. She was not only prompt in her responses but also maintained a friendly and approachable demeanor throughout our interactions. She was always available to address my queries and concerns, and her clear and concise communication made the entire process a breeze.Donna’s attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for candidates is commendable. She created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which greatly contributed to a positive interview experience.I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work with Donna Bethel. Her professionalism, coupled with her outstanding communication skills, made a significant difference in my job search journey. I highly recommend Donna to anyone seeking career opportunities. Her dedication to her role and her ability to make candidates feel valued truly sets her apart in the field of talent acquisition.Thank you, Donna, for your exceptional support and for making my experience a memorable one.”

Z. Ahmed, Client of Platinum Executive Search

Global Executive Search

Platinum Executive Search is more than an executive recruiter. We provide a global executive search service that focuses on high-level c-suite professionals. We aim to fill your open job positions with the best and most qualified candidates.

High-Level Candidates

With our recruiting expertise, we’re able to fill your open job positions with high-level candidates including presidents, executives, skilled professionals and other C-suite leaders.

Various Industries

With our extensive background, we’re able to service a wide range of industries including Engineering, Manufacturing, Legal, Tech, Mining,  and Healthcare.

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We deliver high quality staffing solutions. 

We manage your recruitment process with integrity and transparency. 

We attract the best people and we provide you with recruitment advice and support for your selection process. 

We service a wide range of industries, including Engineering, Manufacturing and Legal and Tech industries.

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Platinum Executive Search has a diverse range of employment opportunities available to clients in the Engineering, Manufacturing, Legal and Tech industries.